How hard or costly is it to do a kitchen bump out in Louisville?

How hard or costly to do a kitchen bump out?

By Lee Wallender

How complicated and costly is it to do a bump out from a kitchen for a space about 3-4 feet deep and about 6-8 feet wide? Is there a certain size below which less structural supports and work is needed and does that vary from area to area?

Answer: Call it what you may–kitchen bump out, kitchen add on, etc.–but whatever you call it, it’s still an addition.

True, it’s not 1,200 feet and two stories of living space, bathroom, and HVAC. But it still shares much of the same properties as a full-blown addition, and here’s why.

But first the good news: I think that, given the dimensions you quote below, this is something that a contractor could handle without breaking your bank account.

It’s the 6-8 foot width that is especially encouraging, because he could span that easily with a beam. When you get into these very long spans (say, the entire width of your kitchen, that would be a major and expensive undertaking.

Also good: because the new space is so small, you will probably not have to add extra heating or cooling capacity.

Kitchen Bump Out = An Addition

Still, it’s like a mini-house you’re building–foundation footings, siding, electrical, shingles, perhaps a window–so that drives up the cost, too.

It is difficult to guess how much this would cost you. Maybe in a rural area with a lot of contractors looking for jobs it might be in the low five figures. Maybe even the mid- to high-four figures. In an urban area it might be well over five figures. I could be far off the mark, so getting three estimates is the only way to really know for certain.

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