Using a Designer for Your Kitchen or Bathroom Remodeling Project

A designer can help you communicate your vision effectively to others.

Shopping for the materials and products that you want in order to fulfill your vision is a time consuming process. Sometimes it’s difficult to describe exactly what you want, and then each person you talk to will interpret what you are saying differently.

This means the tile, cabinets, countertops, wall treatments, and so forth may each fit your description, or they may not work together due to various interpretations, etc.

A designer knows the market, what is available (both good and bad) and will work with you to define exactly what you envision. They will then be able to pull together a manageable number of options for you to consider.

A designer can help with unusual areas, and work around obstacles.

Does a specific room have too many windows or doorways? Unusual angles? Too small? Not enough storage space? Kitchen & bath designers are experts at space planning and through their years of experience know how to get the most from any type of space. They may use lighting to change the effect of a room or they may use the latest options in cabinet designs and storage to maximize space efficiency.

Designers can help sort through the clutter to bring the possibilities and combinations into focus for your tastes and situation.

Many people throw in the towel or just take the easiest route—even if it doesn’t fulfill their vision completely. Instead of doing nothing or settling for something less than what you want, a designer can bring it all together and, in many cases, give you a greater bang for your investment dollars.

Temptation is tugging at your purse strings.

Emotions can sometimes get the better of you and all of a sudden, you are over budget—by a lot. A designer will work to your stated budget and help you avoid exceeding it. In fact, the smaller the budget, the more helpful a designer can be. They know how to achieve the greatest impact and improvement within any budget.

You need personalized advice.

Asking the right questions and objectively determining your priorities is the most important job of an experienced designer. They consider lifestyle, use and application of the room, physical attributes of the space and the people using the rooms, as well as other factors. Each area of discovery begins to narrow down the best options and choices so they can design a room that will work for you and stay within your budget.

You’re having trouble blending styles or developing a theme.

Spouses often have differing tastes. Designers know how to blend different preferences into something that makes both spouses happy. This can be done through careful selection of the style of products, texture, colors and even lighting.

You’re concerned about overlooking important details.

Overlooking the details can cause unexpected surprises during installation  and/or costly overruns. Having a designer spot just one of these issues can save you time, money and a lot of heartache.